FinishLine Advanced Composites
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Carbon Fiber Products From Finishline Advanced Composites.
From Small To Large-Scale Production, One-Off And Custom-Designed Engineering

At Finishline, the manufacturing process begins with a complete analysis of the customers requirements. With those requirements in mind, we consider materials, process options, and associated trade-offs.  (Cost, schedule and risk).

Precision tooling is designed and fabricated. Prototypes and one-offs are produced.  Upon verification and approval, the complete manufacturing documentation packages are assembled. With our proven manufacturing processes in place, we produce, and deliver your production order. All of this is made possible through the joint efforts of production, manufacturing engineers, operations, scheduling personnel, and skilled composites fabricators.

Parts 1
Parts 2
Our Fabrication Process Involves The Highest Quality, State Of The Art Equipment

Autoclave Processing
Compression Molding
Vacuum Bagging
Hand Lay Up
Tool Manufacturing
Plug Manufacturing
Spray-Up Manufacturing
Post Manufacturing
Composite Bonding
Final assembly

Valve Cover

Here At Finishline Composites, We Have Extensive Experiance and Expertise with The Following:

Sculpting Mediums: Clay
Resins: epoxies, vinyl esters, polyesters, bmi, cynate esters, pheonolics
Reinforcements: Carbon fiber, kevlar, Aramid, fiberglass
Core materials: foams (devenicell) Honeycombs (aluminum, nomex)

Our knowledge and experience is with many combinations of these materials and resins.
We specialize in both molding compounds and prepreg formulations.