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At Finishline we believe that quality and fulfilling the customer’s needs is the key ingredient.
With every job, whether it is big or small, simple or complex, it is to be completed with perfection.

B-1 Bomber


F-14 Tomcat

 Upon graduation for a mechanical engineering certification, I started working at an aerospace composite plant. I performed a number of jobs, the main one being a supervisor. This position allowed me to gain excessive knowledge with maintaining and operating a uni-directional prepregging machine. It was there that I made aerospace grade prepregs for satellites, military defense products, Lockeed Martin, Hughes, Boeing, NASA and so on.

 After being employed with that company for nine years the sister company was preparing to open a in house composite shop. So, the company sent me back to school for more composite training. The training in short, enhanced my abilities to produce carbon fiber parts, for the aerospace industry.

 At the time, and still to this day I am deeply passionate about racing. I always enjoyed riding/racing sport bikes. Along with racing them there comes times when you crash them. I found that stock plastic bodywork on a gsxr sport bike is expensive. After a few times it gets pricy. So, knowing that all the top level racing groups use nothing but carbon fiber in every industry. I figured I live and breathe this stuff everyday". I might as well take advantage of the situation. 

 I used my background knowledge and started coming in four hours early everyday to our company. I eventually finished my motorcycle, all bodywork, and structural brackets were 100% carbon fiber. Shortly after its finish, Cycle News Magazine heard about it and did an article in their magazine. That was pretty rewarding. After that, of course all my friends wanted carbon body work. (Which was a lot of free labor, but what are friends for). As time went on people started wanting me to make them carbon parts. More and more, it got to the point where I could make a living doing what I love to do on my own. I figured it was time to go start my own company.